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An Introduction for Employers

The unique benefits of partnering with RPB

Reform movement employees deserve a retirement plan that works just as hard as they do. That’s why RPB offers retirement, insurance, and congregational investing solutions tailored to the needs of eligible Reform Movement employees and the organizations they serve. Helping employees plan for a secure future—and helping your organization attract and retain exceptional talent—strengthens the Reform Movement as a whole and is why RPB was founded.

What we provide

RPB serves the congregations and institutions of the Reform Movement as a joint trust of the URJ and the CCAR. Revisions to the RPB Plan must be approved by each organization’s board in their capacity as a settlor of the trust. However, RPB is a separate organization and is ultimately responsible for the management and administration of its retirement, life and long-term disability programs.

How we make your job easier

Reducing your administrative burden

RPB provides the legal, administrative, and investment management of our retirement and insurance plans for free to your organization. We also work with Fidelity, our recordkeeper, to manage, prepare, and distribute your employees’ year-end tax reporting documents, including 1099-R and W2 tax forms.

You’re only responsible for maintaining your employees’ benefits information in our employer portal.

A single plan for all your employees

Any employee of a URJ-affiliated organization is eligible to enroll in RPB if they meet the eligibility requirements—including rabbis, educators, administrators, maintenance staff, and more. If you have employees enrolled in another retirement plan (other than the ACC plan), we will guide you through the process to consolidate plans. Contact our CFO, Alyce Gunn, at to get started.

No cost to your organization

Offering the RPB Plan to your employees is free for eligible organizations associated with the Reform Movement. Plan participants pay investment management fees and an annual administrative fee. Our Investment Committee works hard to ensure that our fees are the most cost-effective for the type of funds we offer.

Online management portal

All of the benefits administration—including employee enrollment and plan contribution details—is done through the MyRPB for Employers portal. This secure website also contains training tools, news and updates, and other important information for employers.

Attractive to current and potential employees

Offering the high-quality, easy to use RPB Plan to employees will help you hire and retain top-talent at your organization. Participants and their families have access to ongoing financial education—including our annual Retirement Planning Seminar, our custom RPB Navigator, webinars, and one-on-one sessions with a financial advisor through Fidelity.

Clear, engaging communications for your employees

RPB keeps plan participants well informed with plan notices, financial wellness materials, and access to regularly updated performance and daily prices for our funds. Participants can easily monitor and adjust their investments online through the MyRPB for Participants portal.

Employer support team

Our accessible and attentive team is happy to provide assistance via phone, email, or during our virtual office hours hosted by our employer services team multiple times a year.

Need help talking to your board about RPB?

We’ve prepared these board talking points to help board members understand the advantage of offering RPB to more employees.

Looking for a quick overview of RPB’s plan?

Read our Facts & Features for a summary of RPB’s benefits and administrative details.

Ready to learn more about administering the Plan?

Learn about RPB’s eligibility requirements for organizations and their employees, and your role as the plan administrator.

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