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We’ve expanded

URJ congregations can now offer the RPB retirement
plan to more employees.

A retirement plan created specifically for all those serving the Reform Movement

The Reform Pension Board (RPB) was founded in 1944 to help the Reform Movement support its rabbis in retirement. Today, we serve a broad spectrum of employees who work in the Reform Movement, providing plans and programs to help our participants achieve a comfortable and dignified retirement.

Our investment strategy and fund selections are guided by today’s best practices in retirement planning. But we’re not a typical financial services provider. RPB works only and always in the best interest of our plan participants and their employers. We have no shareholders to please, no revenue goals to meet, and no products to push. We were founded by the Reform Movement and serve it exclusively.

RPB understands that Reform Movement organizations need to attract and retain the best and the brightest to ensure the future of the movement. That’s why we’re proud to offer some benefits that other retirement plan providers cannot, including:

  • Access to a cost-effective retirement plan that’s dedicated to the Reform Movement, as well as disability and life insurance benefits.

  • High-quality funds and a great investment track record.

  • An investing approach aligned with and guided by Jewish values.

  • Uniquely personal attention, including one-on-one customer service delivered by our own New York-based team.

  • Investment choices tailored for every level of investor experience, desired involvement, and risk tolerance, and collaboration with employees’ financial advisors.

  • Access to tools and educational resources to help participants make investment decisions that meet their needs.

  • Plan portability. If an employee changes employers within the movement, their RPB account stays with them, providing a lifelong retirement plan and reducing the administrative burden for everyone involved.

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