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Employer Portal Tips

Employers enroll employees in RPB's retirement plan through the MyRPB for Employers portal using the Manage Plan Participants screen.

After you submit your employee’s enrollment information, RPB will verify their eligibility and email you when they are active in the retirement plan.

You'll then finish the enrollment process by adding the employee’s compensation and contribution details, and scheduling contribution payments.

To Add a Participant to the Retirement Plan:

  1. Click the Manage Plan Participants tile on the dashboard.

  2. If the employee doesn't already appear on the screen, click the Add New Participant button and enter their information. (If the employee is already in RPB's system from a previous employer, you'll be prompted to call RPB.)

  3. When the employee appears on this screen, you can click +ADD RET or +ADD LTD to initiate enrollment.

  4. A screen will pop up with prefilled information for the employee. Review the information for accuracy and completeness. Update any out-of-date information and complete any empty required fields.

  5. For retirement plan enrollees, complete the Retirement Questionnaire.
    • Question 1: If the employee is currently enrolled in another plan offered by the employer, answer “yes” even if you don’t intend to use that other plan going forward; otherwise, answer “no.”

    • Question 2: This question only appears if you answered “yes” to Question 1, and asks whether contributions have been made to the other plan for the employee in the current calendar year.

  6. Click Add Retirement Plan to submit the enrollment to RPB.

If the participant has successfully been submitted, the Add Ret button next to their name will be gray instead of green on the Manage Plan Participants screen and the participant’s status in the retirement plan will appear as Pending.

Employee Enrollment Process

Need help with this feature? Read more information in our User Guide.

If your employee is already in the plan because they enrolled at a previous employer, contact Chase Bouchie at 646.884.9897 to set them up.

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