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Simplify your retirement by consolidating your assets at RPB

When you consolidate your retirement accounts, it's easier to manage your investments and track your retirement readiness. Given the many advantages of having your retirement money in one place, RPB has made it easy for participants (excluding beneficiary and QDRO participants) to roll assets from other qualified accounts into their RPB 403(b) accounts. RPB accepts rollovers from qualified plans, including 401(k), 403(b), 401(a), and governmental 457(b) plans, along with SIMPLE IRAs and rollover IRAs.

We suggest you consult a financial planner for help making any major financial decisions.

Benefits of rolling over to RPB

Performance, Choice, Values

Our participants have 15 objective-based and self-directed funds in which to invest, including our socially responsible Reform Jewish Values Stock Fund. We also remain committed to integrating Jewish values into our investment process.


Consolidating your retirement portfolio can help you save time and simplify financial planning. It can also make it easier to plan your retirement distributions and Required Minimum Distributions.

Customer Service

Given our long relationship with our members, we’re able to offer you personalized service, no matter where you find yourself. Whether you call or email us, we’re happy to answer your questions.

How to roll over funds

  1. Provide RPB with a recent statement from the other plan administrator. Make sure it indicates the type of plan the funds are coming from. Upload a PDF copy of the statement at
  2. We’ll let you know if the funds from your other plan are qualified to be rolled over to your RPB account or if we need additional information.
  3. Notify the administrator of the other account that you want to roll over your money to your RPB 403(b) account by check. They will give you instructions for requesting the rollover. Note: RPB can only accept checks for rollover funds. We cannot accept electronic fund transfers.
  4. Mail the rollover check made payable to “Reform Pension Board FBO [Your Name]” to RPB.
  5. We’ll send you an email about the status of your rollover after we receive the check.

Important details

  • We can only accept rollovers from plans that accept employer contributions and employee payroll deduction contributions (e.g., a 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), or SIMPLE IRA account). We can accept a rollover from a rollover IRA into which you previously rolled a 401(k) or 403(b).
  • We can accept rollovers from qualified plans that have received both pre-tax and Roth contributions. In this case, we must receive two separate rollover checks: one with the pre-tax contributions and earnings and one with the Roth contributions and earnings. We also require a letter from the originating institution that provides the date of the first Roth contribution.
  • Roth IRAs can’t be rolled into the RPB 403(b) plan.
  • Rollover money is tracked separately in our systems and on account statements.
  • RPB only accepts checks for rollovers into your account. We cannot accept electronic fund transfers.

Access your retirement savings on your terms.

Make sure you understand your options for taking distributions from your RPB account.

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